San Diego Elementary School Donates to MEP

BenjaminEncanto Elementary School located in San Diego, CA, USA started raising funds for elephant conservation five years ago after a passionate fourth grader named Benjamin (pictured) was preparing his Endangered Elephants poster presentation for an Open House. The more he learned about the plight of elephants the more urgently he felt the need to take action.



Lynn Howard, a science lab teacher at the school, helped these children take action by meeting with Fran Duthie from Elephanatics who developed a curriculum for the children as well as put them in touch with Mara Elephant Project. The students wanted to pick a cause that incorporated technology with saving wildlife and because of MEP’s use of GPS collars to save elephants Fran suggested MEP as the beneficiary of a recycled can drive Lynn and the children are spearheading at the school.

The children of Encanto Elementary raised $500 to support the work of Mara Elephant Project. We feel that this gift is made more impactful because it’s from young people who value our global wildlife, giving all of us hope for the future of this planet.


Ms. Madden’s first graders at Normal Heights School and The Ecology Club at Patrick Henry High School heard about what Encanto Elementary was doing and collected $100 through recycling to contribute to the total donation.

Thank you to Benjamin and all of the children from Encanto Elementary School, Normal Heights School and Patrick Henry High School who worked hard to raise money to contribute to MEP.

Additionally, we are in awe of Lynn Howard and Fran Duthie from Elephanatics for being an amazing example and showing the next generation that small actions have big impacts.