Safaris Unlimited Supports MEP

Safaris Unlimited has been pioneering unique safari experiences in East Africa since 1971. Founded by Tony Church and now run by his son, Gordie, Safaris Unlimited specializes in giving tourists a one-of-a-kind adventure and close encounters with wildlife. That’s why, starting in 2019, they’ve chosen to support Mara Elephant Project by giving their clients the option of a truly unique conservation experience: visiting our operational headquarters, interacting with MEP rangers and learning more about our approach to elephant protection.

Safaris Unlimited understands that developing an itinerary that allows visitors to the Mara to have a unique experience that connects for them the ‘what, how, and why’ is going to engage the future in conservation. Mara Elephant Project is a great way for operators like Safaris Unlimited who are committed to the conservation of the Mara to give their guests a unique story to tell. We both understand that educating visitors about this precious ecosystem is an essential part of their experience if they are to be conservation advocates after they’ve left.

Gordie has also brought many well-established conservation supporters to MEP in the last seven years of operation, Sue Rodgers and Joy Smith. Safaris Unlimited has already invested in MEP with a starting donation of $500 and will continue to support our operations by bringing people to see firsthand the work we’re doing on the ground.