Poaching Reduction

MEP’s presence in the Mara has resulted in less elephant deaths due to poaching.

In 2012, 96 elephants were poached for their ivory in the Mara ecosystem, in 2017, that total fell to four and remained steady into 2018. This is a reduction in the percentage of illegally killed elephants in 2012 from 83% to 24% in 2018.

Bushmeat poaching using snares has become common in the Mara. As a result, in 2018, MEP ranger units focused on removing 324 snares in our area of operation.

Our increased boots on the ground not only enables us to arrest poachers, but also respond to other wildlife crimes. We are able to remove snares, confiscate illegal weapons, wildlife meat and illegally traded items such as leopard skins and lion canines.

Being able to get all of these items off of the black market helps us to protect the elephants more completely.