Expanded Partnership Network

To be successful in sustaining our mission over the long term, MEP will need a robust and structured approach to using the available evidence to influence key decision-makers at the local, regional and national level within government, civil society organizations and local communities. MEP is not be able to demonstrate to individuals, government and communities the social, economic and environmental importance of protecting elephants as a keystone species and show the longer-term benefits they will enjoy as a result without an expanded partnership network.

Colins KWS and Marc MEP Helicopter

Since 2012, MEP has established a strong working relationship with key partners such as the Kenya Wildlife Service, local community leaders, local schools, Narok County Government (NCG), Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association (MMWCA), Tanzania National Parks (TANAPA) and other conservation partners including Save The Elephants, ElephantVoices, Mara North Conservancy, Richard’s Camp and Karen Blixen Camp.



Utilizing data collected properly in the form of reports that will be developed and presented as joint publications along with our partners, will further MEP’s capacity to advance our objectives and ensure the proposals, recommendations and views of MEP are included and represented at key meetings.

Similarly, relationships and opportunities to inform and influence key officials and decision-makers at the local, regional and national level within different branches of government will be developed and used to advance MEPs objectives.