Meet The Kenya Trustees

Brian Heath

Chairman, Kenya's Presidential Order of Grand Warrior

Brian Heath is the current CEO for the Mara Conservancy. He has over 40 years’ experience in managing conservation projects in Kenya and Ethiopia, which include Farm Africa, Galana Ranch and Laikipia Ranch. Brian is also the managing director of Seiya Limited, which provides all MEP ranger staff with outstanding administrative support.

Richard Roberts

Co-Founder and Trustee

As co-founder, Richard Roberts fostered the launch of MEP. As owner of the Richard Camp, Richard has also secured funding for MEP since its inception. Born in Kenya and raised in the Maasai Mara, he shares an inspiring knowledge and love of the local people, the wildlife and the beauty within this amazing area of the world. His lifetime of work in Africa has led to significant accomplishments in the areas of habitat protection and wildlife conservation.

Colin Church OBE


Colin Church has managed conservation projects and businesses in Kenya for 40 years. He was chairman of the Rhino Ark Management Committee from 2000 to 2012. His previous positions include: chairman of Kenya Wildlife Services, Trustee Board 2003-2004, founding member and past chairman of the Public Relations Society of Kenya and president of The International Public Relations Association; the global body developing the public relations profession.

Trey Fehsenfeld


Trey serves as the liaison between ground operations in the Mara and our U.S. backers as well as MEP’s outreach initiatives. Trey has overseen the development of MEP’s headquarters in the Mara and his experience includes the research and development of sustainable agriculture systems. In 2015, Trey co-founded ROOTS Coconut Oil, a social enterprise that uses commerce to improve the lives, land and coconut trees of Pate Island, Kenya.

Moses Kamau


Moses joined the MEP Board in 2016 and brings with him a wide range of experience at a non-governmental organization level. He has worked on civic education and media advocacy for the Kenya Constitution working on fair-trade projects and overseeing penal reform. He has an intrinsic understanding of the governance issues affecting Kenya and the African continent because of owning his own legal practice there. Through his experience and passion for wildlife and the places they inhabit in Kenya, Moses adds great passion and expertise to the governance of MEP.


Beatrice Karanja


Beatrice is a strategic communications specialist with over 20 years of experience as a communications development professional covering the African continent with extensive experience in East, Central and Southern Africa. She has worked as a journalist with BBC and Reuters and for several international NGO’s including African Wildlife Foundation, UNICEF and Oxfam (GB). She has also consulted for Mo Ibrahim Foundation, Kofi Annan Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. As a child of Africa with roots in Kenya and Uganda, Beatrice has a strong and unyielding passion for African development and environmental issues. She believes that conservation and development can co-exist and is keen to play her part to make sure Kenya’s future is sustainable, balanced and wise.