MEP Participates in the Space for Giants Summit & March



Thanks to the support of Mara Elephant Project’s core funder, ESCAPE Foundation, we’ve been able to march along with other organizations in Space for Giants’ March for Giants.





MEP had our very own personalized elephant that has been marching with the herd across billboards all over the world since March 8.

The herd’s journey culminates in Botswana on March 16 at the Giants Club Summit, which will be attended, thanks to support from ESCAPE Foundation, by Mara Elephant Project C.E.O. Marc Goss. Botswana President Ian Khama will preside over the summit and many heads of state and conservation representatives from all over the world are expected to attend.

The 2018 summit has four initial objectives: drive new partnerships between China and African to ensure that natural ecosystems flourish; secure Africa’s largest single remaining contiguous elephant population that straddles five countries – Botswana, Namibia, Angola, Zambia, and Zimbabwe – with the world-famous Okavango Delta at its heart; review progress made during the 2016 summit and set transparent goals to be achieved; and engage global enterprise to show that investing in conservation is good for corporate social responsibility and good for business.

MEP C.E.O. Marc Goss will have the invaluable opportunity to network with others on the front line of saving elephant lives and attend many sessions discussing the four above points that will shape the future of elephant conservation in Africa. Furthermore, supporting partner organization’s work in this way is essential to fulfilling our mission. The fight for elephants is not something that can be achieved in a vacuum; partnerships are essential. We’ll report back on our time at the summit.