MEP Pamphlet In Camps & Hotels

Mara Elephant Project has recently put together a MEP Pamphlet to be able to share MEP’s mission and how we fulfill that mission with a wider audience. Along with this informative pamphlet, we have designed a MEP Insert that highlights the costs of our initiatives and again, demonstrates our methods and results.

MEP Insert Page 1

It’s paramount to MEP’s success that we appeal to tourists coming to the Mara, especially during the high season like August when the great migration is occurring. Elephants are considered a “flagship species,” meaning they capture the attention from people from all over the world and generate interest and financial support for conservation for all wildlife and the communities that share their habitat. Though almost everyone visiting Kenya is aware of that, they often don’t realize the true hurdles elephants are facing to survive. We want to use this pamphlet to inform tourists about the plight of elephants, the solutions organizations like MEP are coming up with to help them and the positive results we’ve had in pursuing this mission.

Tourists staying at Richard’s Camp on a game drive. 

Getting tourists involved in our mission is key to protecting elephants in the greater Mara ecosystem. So, with that being said, partnerships with the tourism industry are essential. We’ve partnered with three Mara camps, two Nairobi hotels and one hotel in Sweden who are all willing to include our pamphlets in their lobbies, travel packets and more. If you would like to include this pamphlet in your hotel, shop or restaurant, please contact our Development Director today!

Thank you to Serian “The Original” Camp, Richard’s River Camp and Kicheche Mara Camp all located in the Mara North Conservancy. We’d also like to thank our partners in Nairobi, Tribe Hotel and One Forty Eight for including MEP in their tourism packets. Additionally, Ortofta Slott in southern Sweden who has graciously agreed to include MEP pamphlets for guests and agrees that conservation of the African elephant is a global issue.

Serian “The Original” Camp




Richard’s River Camp 




Kicheche Mara Camp



Tribe Hotel 





One Forty Eight 




Ortofta Slott