MEP Launches Updated Website

You’ll notice Mara Elephant Project’s new website has an updated look. As an organization that’s asking for your support we feel it’s important that we have the latest information on our website reflecting your dollars at work. This is why we intend to update our website copy and graphics yearly and always try to present to our supporters the full picture.

We started with a new Donate page that we hope is more user friendly. We are encouraging our donors to sign up for monthly giving as this is a nice option for spreading a donation out through the year.

Our website copy is updated to reflect the changing landscape of MEP’s mission. When we began in 2011, poaching was a major concern for the Mara. Now, in 2017, after our efforts, poaching continues to decline in the area while human–elephant conflict is on the rise. We’ve had to update our techniques and technologies to reflect this change and have included the latest HEC data to show how dramatic of an increase its truly been. Screenshot

We wanted to highlight how essential the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter has been to our operations as well as the potential for new and exciting emerging technologies in conservation like unmanned aerial vehicles.

Along with these changes we’ve also updated our logo to better reflect the elephants we continue to work tirelessly to protect.

Mara Elephant Project Logo

We hope that the updated website will reflect MEP’s mission and garner your support!