MEP Helicopter Used to Transport Injured Boy

On October 1, Mara Elephant Project received an urgent call from Jeffrey Wu that a young boy was charged by a cape buffalo and had serious injuries that needed immediate attention. While MEP’s Karen Blixen Camp Trust helicopter is most often used for protecting wildlife and mitigating conflict; it has been used previously for medical evacuation flights to ensure injured people are able to receive the medical attention they need as quickly as possible. When lives are in danger, people know to call MEP and we’ll respond with help from the helicopter. CEO Marc Goss quickly flew to pick up the boy and safely transported him to Tenwek Hospital where he is undergoing treatment for a puncture wound in his bottom and right side of his stomach. Luckily, he is expected to recover and was very brave during our flight.

Here is a firsthand account of that incident from Jeffrey’s Facebook page:

Live from Masai Mara: A Rescue Mission
This afternoon, my Buddy Driver
John Siololo of  Oltepesi Tented Safari Camp called me that a Masai herder boy was attacked by a buffalo, he was severely injured, needed airlift from Masai Mara to a better equipped hospital. Put the phone down I called Marc Goss of Mara Elephant Project, I just prayed that he and his chopper were still in Mara, and They Were! Thank god. Marc told me: “Just give me the location I am walking to the chopper.” Marc, you the man! The boy was Lifted to hospital by Marc within 45 minutes, and I just checked with John, boy is doing ok and talked to his family. This is not just a land of nature wonder; this land is also nurturing the people with warmest heart. Many thanks to Marc Goss of Mara Elephant Project for his quick respond, and a perfect heroic rescue mission with all people involved. Only in Masai Mara, only in Kenya. Come to Kenya, be the part of the Magic!


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