MEP Helicopter Responds to HEC – *VIDEO*

Mara Elephant Project’s Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari R44 helicopter is essential to a timely response to human-elephant conflict.

Last week a herd of elephants moved into farming areas in the Transmara and were attacked by angry farmers. In the conflict there was an elephant wounded with an arrow. The injured elephant was seen by rangers and tourists in the famous Musiara Swamp with an arrow head sticking out of its back.

arrow in elephant

MEP was able to respond with a Kenya Wildlife Service veterinarian, Narok County rangers and the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust team to treat the elephant inside the Maasai Mara National Reserve. Although the area is open, the vet was hesitant to dart the large bull inside the swamp due to the high drowning risk and difficulty getting to him. So we needed to push him out of the swamp with the helicopter.

We were able to successfully move him to safer ground, dart him and treat his wound. We hope he will make a full recovery.

Please support MEP’s helicopter operation with a donation; it is essential to a rapid response thus ensuring both elephant and human safety in time’s of conflict.