MEP Does NOT Take Volunteers – SCAM ALERT


Mara Elephant Project receives many volunteer requests from concerned individuals who want to donate their time to our organization to help protect elephants. While this is extremely humbling given that elephants as a keystone species need all the help they can get, MEP is unable to accept volunteers at this time due to the dangerous nature of our work.

Our headquarters is located in the Mara, and though we employ 36 rangers, they are all trained individuals with the skills necessary to live in the Mara and fulfill our organization’s objectives. MEP HQ, as an operational headquarters, does not have the capacity to handle volunteers and the nature of the work in the field is too dangerous for someone who is not trained.


Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that someone is selling volunteer opportunities to Mara Elephant Project for their own personal gain, when they do not exist. Please know that MARA ELEPHANT PROJECT DOES NOT COLLECT MONEY IN EXCHANGE FOR AN INTERNSHIP, VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITY, or JOB OPPORTUNITY.

That being said, there are many ways you can support MEP. You can follow us on Facebook  or Instagram and raise money through the Facebook Fundraising platform. You can set up recurring monthly donations  (even $5 a month helps!) through our online giving platform. Sharing our message on social media is extremely helpful as is telling your friends and family about MEP. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter as well!

Please be diligent conservation champions and always email the organization when volunteer opportunities are being offered OR check their website for more information!