Mara Elephant Project 2019 Annual Report

In 2019, MEP has undertaken more activities than any of the previous years since we started in 2011. The Mara Elephant Project’s growth in 2019 allowed us to increase our scientific capacity and spread the MEP Method: Monitor, Evaluate, Protect. Our expanded areas of operation include the Mau and Loita forests, where teams deployed there, alongside partners Kenya Wildlife Service and Kenya Forest Service, are increasing protection. We believe that protecting these forests is key to the sustainability of the whole Greater Mara Ecosystem. In our current areas of operation in the Mara, we continue to see dangerous levels of conflict between humans and wildlife, habitat destruction and bushmeat poaching. Our rapid response teams work tirelessly to protect wildlife and community food crops to improve co-existence. We continue to share information, lessons learned from the field and data with partners to develop sustainable conservation practices to protect this invaluable ecosystem. This year we have seen more support from the largest donor base ever. Mara Elephant Project cannot thank our supporters enough for their dedication to Kenya’s wildlife, wild spaces and the rangers who protect it.

MEP 2019 Annual Report