Extraordinary Journeys Includes MEP HQ Visits

Mara Elephant Project is thrilled to announce that a stop at MEP HQ will be featured as a new option on Extraordinary Journeys African conservation tours! Extraordinary Journeys was founded by Marcia and Elizabeth Gordon, a mother-daughter team with decades of experience living and working in Africa. They are passionate about travel, conservation, nature and people, which has led them to announce a new collection of conservation-focused safaris in Kenya, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa.

They are creating custom safaris that include one-of-a-kind experiences with some of the leading conservation experts in Africa. A stop at Mara Elephant Project will include a presentation on our vital work protecting elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem. Guests will get to meet MEP rangers, see an elephant collar up-close, learn about our elephant GPS collar tracking system and our use of unmanned aerial vehicles, chili fences and the helicopter in mitigating human-elephant conflict. Guests will also get a tour of HQ to see the helicopter up close and experience life as a MEP ranger. This is a unique glimpse into the day-to-day lives of rangers and staff working on the front lines to save these essential mammals from extinction.

Read About The Experience Here

Depending on the extent of what the guest wants to experience, we can also visit a MEP collared elephant close by so guests can learn about elephant protection and the complicated issues with poaching and human-elephant conflict in the Mara. Nothing demonstrates the vital role each plant and animal of the Mara plays in the health of its ecosystem than seeing firsthand how interconnected we all are.

Contact Extraordinary Journeys to book your conservation tour today! If you are a tour company interested in including MEP as a stop for your guests, please contact Claire Bolles. MEP wants visitors to the Mara to understand how connected and important tourism is to the conservation of the ecosystem.