CITES Backs National Ivory Action Plan


On October 2 delegates at the CITES CoP17endorsed a closure of all domestic ivory markets thus strengthening the National Ivory Action Plan.

CITES Ivory Action Plan Ruling

“After hours of grueling negotiations behind closed doors, WWF is very pleased to see that countries have now united behind a deal that strengthens the national ivory action plan process, which is absolutely central to the global fight against the illegal ivory trade.” Dr. Colman O’Criodain, WWF Global Wildlife Policy Manager

Countries including the U.S. and China along with the UK have recently closed their domestic ivory markets; unfortunately, Japan will not be following suit.

The official language reads

“RECOMMENDS that all Parties and non-Parties in whose jurisdiction there is a legal domestic market for ivory that is contributing to poaching or illegal trade, take all necessary legislative, regulatory and enforcement measures to close their domestic markets for commercial trade in raw and worked ivory as a matter of urgency.”

Mara Elephant Project is happy to hear about the recommended closure of all domestic ivory markets. We believe that closing all domestic ivory markets will help lower the demand for ivory and thus reduce the poaching of African elephants.


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