Celebrate World Ranger Day

Monday, July 31, 2017, World Ranger Day is celebrated globally to acknowledge the work rangers do to protect our natural and cultural treasures. Mara Elephant Project’s Amazon Wish List is a great way for people to directly support MEP rangers. Most items listed are essentials rangers use on a daily basis when they are stationed in the field for two-week periods focusing on intelligence gathering, mitigating human-elephant conflict, arresting poachers, building chili fences or seizing ivory and other contraband.

A MEP ranger in the field monitoring elephants.

An 8-pack of Lithium batteries costs only $20 but fuels almost all of our equipment while out in the field and are crucial to keeping our operations running.



A $60 LED flashlight is essential for the intelligence teams that are working at night to gather information that leads to many of our arrests. Elephants also reside in dense forests where darkness can descend quickly and flashlights are needed to lead the way toward an elephant in trouble.



“They are used as a light source at night, but beyond that, it also can be used for communication at night. We use flashes and signals to wordlessly convey something to one another. They are also helpful to spot elephants in the maize farms at night.” – MEP Tracking Manager Wilson Sairowua

The new flashlights listed on MEP’s Amazon Smile account are a new technology that allows you to charge them using a USB port. This is especially important because all camps in the Mara have portable solar systems so these flashlights will need less batteries, which not only better for the environment, but also drops our operating cost.

MEP Tracking Manager Wilson with a KWS ranger monitoring elephants in the field. 

MEP rangers work regardless of weather and are exposed to the often-unpredictable conditions Mother Nature can present. They spend hours a day on their feet and having dry, comfortable socks and boots is essential to keeping them safe and focused in the field.



A 12-pack of socks for $25 or a $22 durable all-weather poncho for a MEP ranger in the field is the difference between a wet or dry experience in the bush. Army backpacks for $35 are used for their clothing, shoes and other essentials and the donation of one ensures that they have a safe and waterproof place to keep their gear and supplies for the two-week stay.




“Backpacks are vital for the rangers in the field and can be used to carry field equipment during an operation. They are especially good for carrying heavy items like rations and binoculars.” – Wilson Sairowua

A typical two-week MEP patrol camp (pictured from the Loita Forest operation). 

The Amazon Wish List gives our supporters a great way to directly support MEP’s rangers. In April, one generous donor sent MEP a $100 First Responder Medical Kit, that on the week it arrived, was used by MEP ranger John Leshan in the field to save a life

MEP ranger John with the First Responder Medical Kit.

Every donation whether big or small really adds up and makes a difference on the front line, enabling rangers to protect elephants and the community.

Stand with mep rangers on the 15th annual World Ranger Day!