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Living With Zebras by Wilson Sairowua

Living With Zebras by Wilson Sairowua, Mara Elephant Project Field Administrator Animals have always played a huge part in human civilization. Work animals help us to grow, hunt and harvest food and in ancient times they were the primary means of transport. Sometimes though, people don’t just befriend animals or use them to help carry out tasks. Instead, they live with the creatures as one of their own, rather than as an owner. People have long kept pets as a form of companionship, ranging … Continue reading.
MEP Exhibition Project

Student Raises Awareness & Money for MEP

Community engagement and education is a vital part of Mara Elephant Project’s approach to mitigating poaching and human-elephant conflict. We love to be involved in educating the future in not only the Mara region of Africa, but also the United States. We want every child to know at an early age the costs of losing such a keystone species to our world in hopes that they will spread the word and help us save the African elephants. Allisonville Elementary School in Indianapolis, IN is an Inte… Continue reading.
Ranger Training

MEP & Pardamat Conservancy Asset Training

Since 2013 Mara Elephant Project has been supporting the conservation movement in the Aitong Hills, Kenya by being a founding partner of the Pardamat Conservancy. In 2014 MEP gifted the conservancy $20,000 though the Maasai Mara Wildlife Conservancies Association, who were instrumental in registering the conservancy and continue to work with them on a daily basis. World Wildlife Fund supported a total of 21 rangers, 16 from Pardamat and five from Olkenyi, to attend the 3-month basic training … Continue reading.