Elephant Matters

Congratulations Ranger of the Quarter: Jackson Koonyi

  In October 2015 Mara Elephant Project created the Ranger of the Quarter Award to acknowledge rangers that excel in the line of duty including discipline, bravery, community engagement and leadership. Since starting the award, there have been three winners and the most recent recipient is Jackson Koonyi. Jackson won for his exceptional community engagement. He has been instrumental in engaging with communities to stop human-wildlife conflict.     Jackson’s connection with t… Continue reading.
HEC Toolkit helicopter

Human-Elephant Conflict Toolkit: Helicopter

One of the most crucial tools in MEP’s HEC Toolkit is the use of a Robinson R44 helicopter. Thanks to the generous support of our partner Karen Blixen Camp, we are able to deploy the helicopter on a number of missions that can protect human and elephant lives in conflict situations.       What’s the nuisance? Well, elephants. Many locals have acres of farmland that can all be wiped out by a herd of elephants in one night’s time. Retaliation from farmers over crop raiding… Continue reading.
Kenya Wildlife Service Ivory Burn

Ivory Burn

On April 30 106 tons of ivory was set ablaze in Nairobi National Park. This ivory represented around 6,700 dead elephants and 450 dead rhinos with a street value estimated at $150 million. Mara Elephant Project was proud to witness such a historic event made possible by our partners Kenya Wildlife Service, Save the Elephants, CITES, Stop Ivory and the Government of Kenya.     “You really had a sense that everyone there was like-minded and there for the same reason; to acknowledge … Continue reading.