Elephant Matters

MEP Q4 CEO Report

Mara Elephant Project ended the fourth quarter of 2018 with many exciting fundraising announcements, a big ivory bust and MEP rangers, along with government partners Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Narok County Government (NCG), continue to have success in the field. I visited with a major MEP supporter, Karsten Ree, in Denmark the first week of October and was pleased that Karsten will help MEP navigate trading in our current R44 Robinson Helicopter for a new one in 2019. His continued supp… Continue reading.

December Report: Large Ivory Bust

Mara Elephant Project and our government partners, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Narok County Government (NCG), ended 2018 with the largest single ivory seizure of the year. On December 23, MEP rangers along with our government partners arrested two poachers and seized 69 kg of ivory (pictured below). MEP intelligence got a lead that these two large tusks were going to be transported to market. They alerted the Naroosura ranger unit who intercepted them after leaving Loita on their way to… Continue reading.

2018: Year in Review by Marc Goss

As Mara Elephant Project officially ended our seventh year in operation, I reflect on how we’ve come such a long way from the shipping container and tent that used to be MEP’s headquarters. I’m amazed and proud of the continued donor support we receive, the success we continue to see on the ground by MEP, Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) and Narok County Government (NCG) rangers, and the growth our organization has seen in 2018. Arrests, Anti-Poaching and HEC Efforts Our organization is suc… Continue reading.