Elephant Matters

Bongo Surveillance Project

Though Mara Elephant Project focuses on protecting elephants as a keystone species in order to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem, as an extension, MEP also protects other endangered species living alongside elephants. The mountain bongo antelope residing in the Mau Forest (pictured left) is one of those critically endangered species that benefits from MEP’s permanent ranger presence in the forest thanks to support from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. It is estimated that there are few… Continue reading.

MEP October Report – Urgency in Loita

In October, a traditionally low human-elephant conflict season, MEP was able to channel our rapid response unit’s time into the Loita Hills area of the greater Mara ecosystem. On October 15, the rapid response team found a dead elephant with tusks hacked out in the Naasoroa-Engata Entirit area north of the Loita Hills forest (pictured left). We received intelligence from informants in the area and decided to go and have a look for ourselves to investigate. After a number of ground patrols, … Continue reading.

20 Arrows In One Elephant

  On Sunday, October 28, a herd of elephants was in the community land across the Mara River from Mara North Conservancy (pictured left). Mara Elephant Project rangers got the call to come move them into safety and along with the Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter they intervened to mitigate human-elephant conflict as rapidly as possible. This picture shows the Mara River boundary with the Mara North Conservancy in the foreground and community land in the background. The MEP h… Continue reading.