Elephant Matters

MEP Q3 Research & Tracking Report

The MEP research department started the third quarter off with collaring a total of five elephants in July. The collars which were deployed will give us unique insight on elephant movements over a very large area from Southern Baringo, Mau, Nairobi, Mosiro and Loita.  While all of these collaring operations are critical to MEP fulfilling our mission, the one that might be the most interesting took place on July 30: a bull elephant located in the Thogoto Forest was successfully collared on th… Continue reading.

MEP Q3 CEO Report

Mara Elephant Project started the third quarter with a focus on elephant collaring operations. The “Mara Team” as Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) has come to refer to us was very busy (pictured left: the “team” assembled in the Mau). This team was made up of some key members from KWS, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) and Mara Elephant Project and the glue for the team was the Karen Blixen Camp Trust (KBCT) helicopter. We collared a total of five elephants in July, four of which wer… Continue reading.

MEP Q3 Ranger Report

Mara Elephant Project rangers were busy during the third quarter responding to human-elephant conflict, arresting poachers, seizing ivory and shutting down other illegal activities. Pictured left: a MEP ranger on patrol looking down the Mara River. The MEP intelligence team continues to have success with arrests of suspects and ivory recovered. During the third quarter, the MEP intelligence unit along with Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) arrested two suspects in possession of 17 kg of ivory. MEP… Continue reading.