Elephant Matters

Maasai Mara MIKE Training Workshop

The MIKE program, Monitoring of Illegally Killed Elephants, is a CITES program which strives to gather detailed data on elephant mortalities. Although the Mara ecosystem is not an official MIKE site it has been treated as one in terms of collecting, harmonizing and presenting data to the national government. Each quarter stakeholders collecting carcass data gather around the Mara to harmonize the data which means the data is reviewed together to ensure accuracy. During the last harmonization … Continue reading.

Fire Fighting in the Mau Forest By Marc Goss

MEP continues to increase our area of operation in the Mara ecosystem and in 2018 specifically our efforts were focused on protecting the Mau Forest. We found a partner, the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) who agreed that this water tower for the Mara River needed protection. So, SWT and MEP established a permanent ranger unit in the Mau Forest to protect elephants and other wildlife and the habitat upon which they depend. In order to achieve this in the Mau Forest, SWT supports two teams cons… Continue reading.

Re-Collaring Lempiris

On February 18, MEP collared elephant Lempiris’ collar stopped reporting. Mara Elephant Project and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) rangers nearby his location were sent with a VHF tracker to try and locate his collar the old-fashioned way. When they found him in good health it was determined that the collar had stopped working due to a hardware failure. Though the collar needed to be exchanged for a newer model, we were relieved to see that Lempiris was in good health. An ID photo of collare… Continue reading.