Elephant Matters

Donor Confidence Guaranteed with MEP

  Mara Elephant Project through our 501(c)3 in the U.S., the Sidekick Foundation, is always working toward instilling 100% donor confidence in our supporters. We want everyone to know that every dollar that is donated to Mara Elephant Project goes directly to the front line of elephant protection. We strive to post updates using our blog, newsletters, and social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) that shows transparency and instills a sense of camaraderie with you, the supporter… Continue reading.

The Bently Foundation Supports MEP Rangers

Mara Elephant Project is pleased to announce the approval of a grant by the Bently Foundation for $31,540 for MEP ranger equipment needs in 2019. The Bently Foundation is a 501(c)(3) foundation that supports animal welfare, the environment and the arts based out of California, USA. Christopher and Camille Bently founded the organization to focus on these three areas of support and their giving has been extremely impactful with support for organizations like the Coral Reef Alliance, Humane Soc… Continue reading.

Elephanatics Pub Night Raises $8.3K for MEP

Elephanatics is an elephant advocacy organization residing in Vancouver, B.C., Canada with the mission to help the long-term survival of the African and Asian elephants by raising awareness and money for organizations like Mara Elephant Project. On October 4, they hosted the Elephants Like to Have Fun Too Pub Night at Library Public Square House in Vancouver and raised $8,380.95 for MEP in one night! Dr. Jake Wall who will join MEP in 2019 as the director of research and conservation is t… Continue reading.