Elephant Matters

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Supports A Second Mau Forest MEP Unit

The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) Mau De-Snaring Unit continues to be a textbook example of the impact a permanent ranger presence can have in an unprotected area like the Mau Forest. In the first half of 2019 (January to June), the SWT Mau De-Snaring Unit removed 113 snares targeting small animals and nine spears targeting elephants, arrested seven suspects for illegal logging and one for charcoal production, recovered eight timber posts, five Olea Africana posts, 60 cedar posts, 30 white … Continue reading.

MEP October Report

MEP Monthly Report October 2019 Mara Elephant Project would like to start off the October Report by announcing the addition of Wolfred Wall, the new baby boy of MEP Director of Research and Conservation Dr. Jake Wall and his fiancé Christina Toms. Wolfred wanted to make his debut a bit early which required a little help from the Karen Blixen Camp Trust (KBCT) helicopter, but everyone was happy and healthy. Congratulations Jake, Christina and Willow. The KBCT helicopter was also used in a tre… Continue reading.

MEP Q3 Supporter Report

Mara Elephant Project had many exciting opportunities in the third quarter of 2019. In the third quarter, three of MEP’s new collared elephants were supported by grants. First, was the large bull in the Mau Forest named Maximus supported by WildAid and second a large bull in the Mau Forest named Vasco supported by the Indianapolis Zoological Society. The Indianapolis Zoo wrote a wonderful blog about why it’s vital for them to partner with organizations like MEP, you can read it here. They… Continue reading.