August MEP Helicopter Report

Mara Elephant Project produces a monthly helicopter report that we make available to the public on our MEP Resources page. Feel free to take a look at them all from the past year.

The month of August saw a lot of helicopter activity for MEP, which is nothing new. In the short time period of the report you can see just how many instances of human-elephant conflict MEP responds to regularly. MEP’s Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari Robinson helicopter is essential to our rapid response to escalating human-elephant conflict situations in the Mara.

Helicopter Report August 2016


Highlights From The Report

There were five incidences where MEP’s helicopter was needed to chase elephants out of towns or farmland.

The helicopter was used to deploy rangers to a bush fire in Olare Orok Conservancy.

OOC Fire

David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust vets partnered with MEP to fly to a wounded bull elephant and administer medical care for his arrow wounds.

arrow in elephant

When a report of an elephant carcass was received, the helicopter was used to ferry rangers to the location so they could perform an autopsy and investigate.

Elephant Carcass

The helicopter hangar on Tracks Trust property has been laid out and the foundation is on track to start in September.

Hangar  Plan