Asilia Gives to Mara Conservation


The Asilia Charitable Foundation and Asilia Charitable Corporation are both the philanthropic arm of Asilia Africa, a safari camp operator in East Africa that boasts intimate camps perfectly situated to deliver the very best experiences with expert guides to reveal to you the secrets of the wild. They not only offer a top-notch tourism experience, but Asilia Africa acknowledges that people and nature are inseparable partners, so they work closely with communities, authorities, NGOs and industry partners to achieve the best possible long-term outcomes for the habitat and wildlife their tourism operator depends.

Asilia’s Naboisho Camp located in the Mara.

Mara Elephant Project is proud to announce that in 2019, the Asilia Charitable Foundation and Asilia Charitable Corporation, have committed to supporting MEP’s core operations with a donation of $6,000. Not only have they committed to directly contributing to MEP’s operations, Asilia Giving, their online platform allows you to support MEP in the U.S. A. and U.K. by donating. Asilia covers the running costs of the charities so you are assured that 100% of your donation goes to MEP. Additionally, Asilia Africa’s guests contribute a levy of $5 for each night that they stay, which ensures that as a tourist operation Asilia is making the most significant positive impact towards the goal of empowering communities and protecting wildlife in the Mara.

The Asilia Charitable Foundation and Asilia Charitable Corporationcontinue to support many exciting charitable initiatives in the Mara for education, community development as well as wildlife and habitat protection. Find out more by visiting their website. Many of these initiatives are partners with MEP like The Maa Trust. The Maa Trust is an independent non-profit organization that works towards ensuring the success of conservation through sustainable community development in the Maasai Mara ecosystem. They work in partnership with Maasai-owned conservancies and their neighboring communities to improve the lives of Maasai families in an environmentally sustainable way. Additionally, Asilia works with Ngosuani Primary School, a school in an area with high human-elephant conflict. MEP along with our government partners, Kenya Wildlife Service and Narok County Government, have a permanent ranger unit in this area working toward mitigating human-elephant conflict.

Beadwork being done at The Maa Trust, a MEP partner.

Thank you to the Asilia Charitable Foundation and Asilia Charitable Corporationfor their commitment to making bold, and often pioneering, investments into areas that are ecologically and economically vulnerable and supporting organizations like MEP.