Month: August 2020

Month: August 2020

Q2 2020 Ranger Report

Mara Elephant Project rangers remained adaptive and ready for the growing threats to wildlife, communities and habitat in the Mara due to COVID-19. As was projected, we are seeing concrete evidence that bushmeat poaching and habitat destruction are on the rise and continuing our efforts alongside partners is crucial right now. pictured left: MEP rangers destroying a charcoal kiln on May 26. Poaching in Mara North Conservancy (MNC) has been unheard of for over a decade but in May, two suspect… Continue reading.

Q2 2020 Research & Tracking Report

A big focus for the MEP Research Department in the second quarter was to work with other research and conservation partners in the Mara to restructure the ‘One Mara Research Hub’ with which MEP has helped since its inception in early 2019. The inspiration for the Hub is to be a mechanism to facilitate collaboration and communication amongst researchers and conservationists in the Mara. We are working on growing the network of people involved in the hub, and from the pool of human and scie… Continue reading.

High Conflict & Bushmeat Poaching in MEP’s July Report

Last month Mara Elephant Project reported the highest level of seizures of illegal logging since inception. Well, this month we saw even higher levels of logging, charcoal making, and bushmeat poaching. pictured left: An illegal logging arrests made on July 24 with a power saw and 25 cedar timbers. Overall, in July, MEP rangers in support of government partners arrested one bushmeat poaching suspect, recovered a total of 58 snares and confiscated 30 kg of bushmeat. The bushmeat poaching in th… Continue reading.