Month: September 2018

Month: September 2018

Colin Church New MEP Chairman by CEO Marc Goss

After serving as chairman of the Mara Elephant Project board of trustees for three years, Brian Health is stepping down as chair, but remaining on the board. Brian has presided over MEP’s start from just an idea to a boots on the ground project that is making an impact in the Mara. During Brian’s service to MEP’s board, MEP has increased our areas of operation, reduced poaching, expanded our partnership networkand elephant research database. Brian’s deep experience of the Mara has … Continue reading.

MEP Responds to Stranded Elephant Herd

Early in the morning on August 26, Mara Elephant Project received a report of a herd of over 10 elephants in Oloonkoliin across the Mara River in an area that was surrounded by settlements. MEP was able to respond at a moment’s notice thanks to the Karen Blixen Camp Trust Ree Park Safari helicopter and successfully pushed them back across the Mara River into the safety of the Mara North Conservancy. The helicopter proved to be vital to protecting these elephants, as we used it as a shiel… Continue reading.

MEP August 2018 Report

The great migration is in full swing in the southern portion of the Mara but has yet to reach the northern portion due to a lack of rainfall. Luckily, by the end of August, MEP HQ was seeing an increase in rain, hopefully resulting in the migration making its way north. A photo entry by Mary Chambers into The Greatest Maasai Mara photography competition depicting the migration.  The MEP intelligence unit contributed to several notable arrests and seizures this month. One, in Migori, where K… Continue reading.