Month: May 2018

Month: May 2018

MEP Ranger Awarded

Mara Elephant Project is proud to announce that ranger Joseph has been honored with the inaugural 2018 African Ranger Award! The award is the work of Paradise Foundation International and Alibaba founder, Jack Ma, who visited Kenya in 2017 to see firsthand the exceptional work rangers are doing to protect endangered species and ecosystems. When he left, he vowed to find a way to recognize their efforts and in 2018 introduced the African Ranger Award. Alibaba founder Jack Ma with Tourism CS N… Continue reading.

MEP 2017 Annual Report Published

We are happy to be able to present to you the Mara Elephant Project 2017 Annual Report. MEP Annual Report 2017 There are so many amazing highlights, but we’ll just mention a few. 1.) We increased our area of operation in 2017 to include the Mau Forest and Loita Hills area of the greater Mara ecosystem. These two areas in the ecosystem were seeing high levels of illegal logging, poaching and human-elephant conflict (HEC). Our reach has been able to expand without the addition of rangers thro… Continue reading.

New Study by Movement Ecologists

There’s a new area of study in the conservation field called “movement ecology” that’s being expanded on by a new paper just published in Science Magazine. A group of movement ecologists used a unique GPS-tracking database of 803 individuals across 57 species to track their movements. What they found was that with 50 – 70% of the Earth’s surface is currently modified by human activities such as agriculture and expanding infrastructure, ecosystems worldwide are being altered. … Continue reading.