Month: November 2017

Month: November 2017

MEP is First Responder to HEC Injured Child

Mara Elephant Project’s mission is to protect elephants to conserve the greater Mara ecosystem and while we’re committed to protecting elephants, one key component to be successful with this mission is to also protect the people that live alongside the elephants. The Mara’s space is diminishing with the growth in population and therefore farm and grazing area. This means that every year more people in the Mara are coming into contact with elephants and it’s not only costing elephant&#… Continue reading.

Human-Elephant Conflict Claims Courtney

Mara Elephant Project has been successful in our area of operation to bring down the level of poaching; however, using the Percentage of Illegally Killed Elephants (PIKE), the same metric for elephant security, we are seeing a rise in conflict related deaths. As the poaching level stabilized over the last two years, MEP has needed to increase our activities to resolve conflict. An aerial view of elephants crop raiding.  Human-elephant conflict (HEC) related elephant deaths are illegal de… Continue reading.

Elephant Collar Replacements in 2018

Mara Elephant Project’s approach of collaring, monitoring and researching elephants is a key component to ensuring we meet our mission objectives and continue to see results. Currently, MEP has 23 collared elephants that we monitor via Google Earth daily. MEP’s 23 collared elephants provide data that is being used daily to mitigate human-elephant conflict, inform ranger deployment and anti-poaching work, and promote transboundary cooperation within the wider ecosystem. The collar software… Continue reading.