Month: November 2017

Month: November 2017

MEP Collars New Elephant In Response to HEC

Mara Elephant Project strives to immediately respond to human-elephant conflict (HEC) in multiple capacities. One, we respond to mitigate HEC using our rapid response ranger units with vehicles using flashbangs. Two, we use our Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari helicopter to rapidly push elephants out of farmland to keep both them and the people safe. Finally, we collar elephant candidates that will gather useful spatial data meaning elephants in border areas, areas of conflict or areas outsi… Continue reading.

Human-Elephant Conflict Has a Season

Human-elephant conflict is on the rise as the space in the Mara diminishes. As the human population grows the rangeland demand for livestock and farming has increased which is pushing wild animals like elephants into smaller areas. This is resulting in the subdivision of land across much of the Mara landscape. The fragmentation of the ecosystem is blocking key elephant migration routes (corridors) and is rapidly accelerating human-elephant conflict (HEC), which is why HEC has become one of th… Continue reading.

Mara Elephant Project October Report

The MEP intelligence unit has been hard at work during the month of October contributing to gathering intelligence that has led to arrests and the closure of illegal logging operations. MEP Monthly Report October 2017 MEP’s intelligence unit had notable success when they led a Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) ranger unit to arrest two suspects with 40 kg of ivory in Meru, which was the second arrest in three months outside of Narok County. We’ve also continued our aerial monitoring of the Mau… Continue reading.