Elephant Matters

Month: February 2017

If You Were An Elephant

If You Were An Elephant

Mara Elephant Project’s Board Member Hilary Hurt is a renowned photographer, so it’s not surprising she wanted to share a recently published article with stunning photographs that will interest both MEP supporters and elephant enthusiasts alike. If you were an elephant the world would be a brighter, smaller, noisier place-and you would be a better, wiser, kinder person. Go inside the experience of an elephant with the author of Being a Beast, Charles Foster. The Guardian, If You W… Continue reading.

Elephanatics Supports MEP

Formed in May 2013, Elephanatics is an elephant advocacy organization residing in Vancouver, BC, Canada with the mission to help the long-term survival of the African and Asian elephants by raising awareness. Disseminating information regarding the enormous challenges and suffering elephants face in Africa’s poaching crisis and Asia’s tourist trade helps them achieve this mission.   They focus on three pillars of advocacy: conservation, education and action. These three pilla… Continue reading.