Elephant Matters

Month: September 2016

arrow in elephant

MEP Helicopter Responds to HEC – *VIDEO*

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z3VRSPga9os Mara Elephant Project’s Karen Blixen Camp Ree Park Safari R44 helicopter is essential to a timely response to human-elephant conflict. Last week a herd of elephants moved into farming areas in the Transmara and were attacked by angry farmers. In the conflict there was an elephant wounded with an arrow. The injured elephant was seen by rangers and tourists in the famous Musiara Swamp with an arrow head sticking out of its back. MEP was able t… Continue reading.
Doutzen Knot on my planet


On September 9, in honor of the start of fashion week in NYC, Save The Elephants embarked on a very special international initiative to save elephants. It’s called #KnotOnMyPlanet and MEP, as a supporter of Save the Elephants, would love for you to know more about it. As seen in the promotional film #KnotOnMyPlanet pays homage to the elephant’s famous memory, and encourages the world to pledge to never forget elephants by tying knots, sharing them on social media and donating to… Continue reading.

MEP & USAID Partnership

Mara Elephant Project and the PREPARED Project have been working together in the Maasai Mara to decrease elephant poaching; lower conflict between farmers and elephants; better understand the extent of elephant rangelands and how they are changing. HIGHLIGHTS FROM THE REPORT READ THE FULL REPORT HERE   MEP was supported by PREPARED in May to conduct asset training for 21 Pardamat and Olkineyi rangers. The training focused on using specific assets, which the rangers need when working alo… Continue reading.