Elephant Matters


First Responder Kit Critical to MEP Rangers In the Field

A core group of Mara Elephant Project rangers has undergone extensive patrol medic training, and all of the MEP rangers have undergone basic medic training before being deployed. MEP rangers are usually first responders when there has been an incident of human-elephant conflict and someone has been injured. In this case, in April, a herder in the Olkinyei area was out in the morning with his cattle and was trampled by a young elephant that was part of a larger herd. The injured herder recei… Continue reading.

San Diego Elementary School Donates to MEP

Encanto Elementary School located in San Diego, CA, USA started raising funds for elephant conservation five years ago after a passionate fourth grader named Benjamin (pictured) was preparing his Endangered Elephants poster presentation for an Open House. The more he learned about the plight of elephants the more urgently he felt the need to take action.     Lynn Howard, a science lab teacher at the school, helped these children take action by meeting with Fran Duthie from Elephanat… Continue reading.
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Introducing the MEP Pamphlet

  Mara Elephant Project is pleased to announce our latest fundraising and marketing tool, the MEP pamphlet. This pamphlet is perfect reading material for hotel lobbies, lodge coffee tables or your MEP fundraising events. It’s a great introduction to MEP and highlights the crisis we’re facing in the Mara as well as MEP’s approach, all in an easy-to-read, visually exciting way.   “This MEP pamphlet is a great representation of our entire organization and the crisis we’re… Continue reading.